The world’s first digital tombstone featuring a 48-inch touchscreen has been unveiled in Slovenia.
Installed in a cemetery in Maribor, Slovenia’s second largest city, the futuristic gravestone can show pictures, video and other digital content. 
And the weather-proof device is available for sale now for 3,000 euros ($3,189; £2,588), according to its creators.

At first glance, it looks like any other gravestone.

But standing in front of it for a few seconds activates its sensors and brings it to life, turning it into an interactive screen capable of playing digital content.
‘This tombstone makes it possible to put anything next to the deceased person’s name and surname, you can write an entire novel if you like. You can put pictures, or a film there,’ said Saso Radovanovic, head of the company Bioenergija which sells the tombstones.’

The tombstone has a sensor so that when nobody is around it only shows the person’s name and the years of their birth and death.

48-inch touchscreen
Shows pictures, videos and digital content
Activated by sensors
Weather- and vandal-proof 
Compatible with a smartphone app

Novel enough that it even made the Daily Telegraph in Sydney on 26 May 2017!