A very well run event with excellent, high quality speakers. See attached last page of program which lists our Chamber as a supporter of EABC.

Main thing to take away was the increasing focus on trade agreements and increasing trade between countries.  There was some discussion of the change to Australia and the move toward service industries to replace manufacturing, and how a significant number of people in trade unions are rightfully concerned regarding future employment prospects, and the need of governments to recognise this and develop sufficient work opportunities in service sectors and encourage a movement of the client base of unions from trades to services. Of importance also was that countries entering into a fair trade agreement were probably more willing to do that with Australia than with USA or Chine.  Ie, Europe sees similar values held by many Australians to Europeans, hence an inclination to be more trusting that the trade agreements wouldn’t compromise values.

Mark Stariha – Treasurer, Slovenian Australian Chamber of Commerce